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You can still find both of my online courses below [31-Days of Mindfulness & the 8-Week Finding Your Home Course], as well as reach out for speaking inquiries at cory@limindfulness.com

For upcoming workshops and retreats, please visit my other website by clicking below:

31 Days of Mindfulness Training with Cory Muscara

This is for you if: You’re looking for an easy entry point into the concepts of mindfulness, positive psychology and wellbeing without investing too much time. Each day offers a short lesson and short meditation on 31 different topics, and you’ll end the series with an arsenal of new insights, strategies and practices to reduce stress and live happier.

31 Days of Mindfulness Training with Cory Muscara

This is for you if: You’re looking for an in-depth, comprehensive overview of what mindfulness meditation is; how to implement it into your life in a way that improves your health; reduces stress/anxiety/depression; how you can change negative thought and behavior patterns; and how to practice a variety of meditations.


Cory speaks around the world about the science and practical application of mindfulness and positive psychology to improve your life. He has offered presentations, workshops, and trainings to Fortune 500 companies such as Prudential, Travelers, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate; universities such as Columbia Teachers College, New York University, Wharton Business School, Dartmouth; and multiple different health care organizations. Contact Cory Muscara at the link below to inquire about having him to speak.


Cory runs a number of public mindfulness programs through his work at the Long Island Center for Mindfulness. These programs range from 3-hour introductory and intermediate mindfulness workshops to weekend and week-long retreats. He also runs an ongoing, drop-in meditation group every Tuesday evening in Sayville, Long Island from 7:00 – 8:30 pm, which is taught by several teachers. To learn more about Cory’s public offerings, and/or to register for an upcoming course, click below.


Cory offers private coaching to a handful of highly motivated individuals interesting in taking the quality of their life to the next level. Approval for private coaching is on a person-by-person basis, depending on Cory’s availability and whether private coaching seems like the best option. Cory Muscara also offers specific coaching and training to leaders and teams within educational and organizational contexts, around the themes of mindfulness, positive psychology, and life design.