Finding Your Home - An 8 Week Mindfulness Intensive with Cory Muscara


Let me tell you a story.

It’s early in the morning, and the kids are still asleep.

You’ve slept well.  

You wake up clear, enjoying the quiet. You make a cup of tea, and settle down for 15 minutes of meditation.

Through the chaos of breakfast and getting your family ready for the day, you stay calm.

The commute is tough as usual, but you don’t feel frustrated.

You’re grounded and inspired at work. You handle things well. You express yourself clearly, and your voice is heard.

Your colleagues notice something different about you. You’re more yourself, more cheerful, more awake. An island of peace in the usual sea of chaos.

Even with all the demands of your life, you don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.

At the end of the workday, there’s a sense of calm, and time to savor the small joys of life.

The commute home, dinner and bedtime, are calmer, less pressured.

You’re more connected to your family. You feel more appreciated, and you take more pleasure in their company. In fact, you’re taking more pleasure in life.

They notice something different about you, too.

What’s different? Life hasn’t changed, you have!

This is the power of mindfulness.

But it’s not about changing who you are. It’s about learning how to be more yourself. A you who is less overwhelmed, less anxious, more grounded, more cheerful, better able to manage stress and more effective in the world.

Mindfulness is the essence of self-care.

For over 5 years, I have been teaching people how to make this transformation. In this new online course, based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction curriculum, I lead you gently through the ancient practices of mindfulness. These have been practiced by millions of people, and have proven themselves over many years.

Try it out now, and you’ll thank yourself for taking the time.


Cory Muscara

Cory is one of the nation’s leading experts in mindfulness meditation.

– Dr. Oz

What’s Inside the Course:

8+ Hours of Recorded Training Material for Finding Your Home Mindfulness Online Program

8+ Hours of Recorded Training Material

You will receive eight modules of video training:

  1. What is Your Why?
  2. Beginners Mind
  3. Drop the Story/Just Be Here
  4. Mindfulness and Stress
  5. Exploring Stillness
  6. Mindful Communication
  7. Silent Retreat
  8. Integrating Mindfulness into Your Life

Eight Weekly Video Calls with Cory Muscara

These recorded Q&A sessions are your opportunity to review the information from each week’s module.

Recorded Q & A Sessions & Video Calls with Cory Muscara
Private Members Area: Finding your Home Mindfulness Online Program

Private Membership Site

You can access all of the training materials, including archived recordings of the live sessions at your leisure inside the site. Everything is fully downloadable.

PLUS: Get these Bonuses

Mindfulness and Trauma: Interview with Kelly Boys

In this video conversation, we will discuss how mindfulness and yoga can be used to work with and heal through various forms of trauma.

Mindfulness and Trauma: Interview with Kelly Boys
Mindfulness Meditations, Worksheets, and Handouts Downloads

Downloadable Supplementary Materials

Get access to a variety of meditations, worksheets, and handouts in the membership site.

Cory is one of my favorite meditation teachers

-Dan Harris

What's inside each module:




Mindfulness practice has been scientifically proven to do many things, from improving our sleep and our sense of wellbeing, to reducing stress-related high blood pressure. But it has the power to go so much deeper and do so much more. This week, we introduce the practice, and explore the deeper ”whys” of getting in to Mindfulness.  We’ll touch on the neuroscience of meditation and the attention challenges brought on by smartphones and other devices. Being present to our lives doesn’t mean we need to stop thinking about the past or planning for the future; we can learn to think in a way that doesn’t lead to rumination, anxiety, excess stress, and allows us to drop back into the present.

This week, you will learn:

  • The definition of Mindfulness
  • The Bell Meditation
  • The basics of the Neuroscience of brain plasticity and meditation
  • Ways  to practice self-care as we get deeper into the practice of mindfulness


Mindfulness is not, as some people imagine, about clearing the mind: it’s about not being entrapped by our thinking. In this way we can experience the world fresh, with that quality known as Beginner’s Mind. This week, we will explore the experience of Beginner’s Mind, and go deeper into the practice of meditation. We will then explore common experiences and difficulties people tend to report as they’re getting into the practice.

This week, you will learn:

  • An easy but powerful yoga practice that can be done standing or sitting
  • The Body Scan meditation
  • The Mindful Eating practice
  • What to do when your mind wanders during meditation


This week, we’ll introduce a Meditation on the Breath, including the technique of Counting Breaths, and Walking Meditation. We will identify the difference between the events that happen in our lives and the stories we tell about them, and talk about the effects of Negativity Bias. He introduces the tool of the Unpleasant Events calendar, and he goes deeper into the practice of Mindful Eating.

This week, you will learn:

  • The technique of Meditation on the Breath
  • Walking Meditation
  • How to identify and drop negative  storylines
  • The Hedonic Treadmill
  • The meaning of Negativity Bias


This week, Cory introduces the topic of concentration and its role in Mindfulness. He goes deeper into the nuances of sitting meditation, and addresses the topic of discomfort (physical, emotional, psychological) and self-care. He describes how negative emotions work, and introduces the tool of the Unpleasant Events calendar. He discusses Self-Compassion, and takes up the topic of stress: what it is, what causes it, how Mindfulness can help.

This week, you will learn:

  • The meaning and psychology of  Concentration
  • The technique of Walking Meditation with Concentration
  • How to work with painful sensations
  • The root causes of Stress, and the meaning of Fight or Flight Reactivity
  • How to develop Self-Compassion


This week, Cory does a midway check-in, and goes further into the subtleties of Sitting Meditation. He focuses particularly on how to relate to Breath, Body, Sounds, Emotions, and Thoughts.  He introduces the topics of  Choiceless Awareness and the role of Stillness in Meditation. He looks at the “Cow Paths” of  familiar Patterns of Conditioning,  and introduces the idea of Pure Awareness.

This week, you will learn:

  • The concepts of Choiceless Awareness and Pure Awareness
  • How to identify and work with familiar Patterns of Conditioning


This week, Cory gives further refinements to Sitting Meditation, and dives deep into the topic of Mindful Communication.  He explains its core elements, and gives an exercise to help us use these concepts in daily life.

This week, you will learn:

  • Chair Yoga
  • The role of Voice Tonality, Body Language, and Word Choice  in Mindful Communication
  • How to Listen to Understand rather than Listen to Respond
  • Mindful Communication Exercise


Cory introduces this week’s Silent Retreat and its opportunity to integrate the teachings and go deeper into the practices learned so far.   Cory has produced a 3-hour audio to guide students and support this home retreat.  

This week, you will learn:

  • How to approach the practice of retreat
  • How to deepen your practice of Mindfulness
  • How to practice self-care in retreat


This week is devoted to practical ways to deepen and sustain all that has been learned in the course so far.  Cory gives hacks to integrate mindfulness into daily life, including informal meditations that can be done anywhere.  He talks about the role of retreat and community in sustaining our practice, and outlines the resources that are available to students.

This week, you will learn:

  • How to sustain and deepen your practice
  • How to make it part of your daily experience even after the course is over
  • What you can do next to support your practice

Self-care is never a selfish act – it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer others. Anytime we can listen to true self and give the care it requires, we do it not only for ourselves, but for the many others whose lives we touch.

-Parker Palmer

Once again, here’s everything the course includes:

Mindfulness Online Course Training Program by Cory Muscara - Mindfulness Coaching

8+ hours of video training [Value: $320]

8 weeks of Q&A calls with Cory [Value: $400]

Private Membership Site & Fully Downloadable Audio and Video [Value: $100]

Interviews with Kelly Boys on Mindfulness and Trauma [Value: $50]

Downloadable Supplementary Materials [Value: $100]

21 Day Uncoditional Money Back Guarantee

I have confidence that you will enjoy and benefit from this program. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please email within 21 days of enrolling, and we will refund 100% of your money.

What people are saying:

Cory Muscara is reliably brilliant, kind-hearted, and accessible. He provided exactly the right guidance, structure, and resources to support me in cultivating a mindfulness practice. I highly recommend Cory as a meditation teacher!

-Cathy Quartner Bailey
Executive Leadership Development  

Making that 8 week commitment put me in reset mode. Cory, you are warm, friendly, honest and genuine in your desire to help others. I meditated every day with your help and you were right, that 3 hour meditation really was necessary at that time. After I did that, it brought me over the hurdle. This practice is essential in my life. When my mind races to the future and I get anxious I think of you saying “just this moment, just this breath”.

-Ellen L.

Practicing the three hour meditation was incredible! Loved!!! the Gratitude meditation you introduced us to during the three hour practice. I practice this meditation almost every night before I go to sleep. What a special and meaningful way to incorporate mindfulness practice through gratitude. I am not the most techno savvy person. 🙂 I thought all the tech elements of the course were very clear, accessible and easy to use. Thank you so very much Cory for developing such a comprehensive on line course. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to learn from you, broaden my understanding about mindfulness and enhance the way in which I practice meditation and mindfulness.
The Eight weeks seem to fly by.

-Stacey P.

I did not know what to expect when beginning the mindfulness training, and could not have imagined the positive impact it has had on my life.
-Amanda P.

By the end of the 8-week mindfulness course, I learned so many different ways of dealing with stressful life circumstances.

Cory, and the mindfulness course itself, have taught me how to approach my life and everyday living in a completely different way. The approach is so simple, yet so profound.
-John M.

I had been suffering from anxiety for half my life. Through the practice of mindfulness, I slowed my thoughts, connected to my breath, learned more about myself than ever before, and accepted myself more than I thought possible. Cory’s class is a valuable first step in transforming your life.
-Rachel H.